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Sailor Moon Miniaturely Tablet Set 5

Just like I warned, I sure forgot to post. It seems like I have lots of ideas then I just hit a wall where I can't think of anything. Last week the mail brought me something to write about! This Sailor Moon Miniaturely Tablet set 5 includes her disguise pen, Crescent Moon Wand and....the next … Continue reading Sailor Moon Miniaturely Tablet Set 5


Fingertip Dreamland Nox-Maru

I follow quite a few ball-jointed doll owners on instagram. One of them happened to post this picture of a super cute cyclops demon cat thing. Luckily, either in the description or comments was the name of the company, Fingertip Dreamland. I immediately took to the internet to search the name and see how I … Continue reading Fingertip Dreamland Nox-Maru

Fire Emblem Heroes

I'd been a stranger to the Fire Emblem games before I bought Awakening a couple years ago and I LOVED it! I've been a fan of tactical RPGs since high school though, so it was no real surprise that I really enjoyed Fire Emblem. Besides having a little army to build up and move around, … Continue reading Fire Emblem Heroes


Neko Atsume

I remember at some point in my childhood I decided that cats were my favorite animal. I didn't tie myself down to just lions or tigers, or even just house cats, I liked ALL cats. To that end I studied my zoobook on cats endlessly and checked out all the cat related books in my … Continue reading Neko Atsume



I missed having a blog sorta! I used to post at araknamedia dot com, but it seems that a squatter has picked it up. :/  I think this free wordpress will work for now, and I can figure out something else later if need be. Anyway! Hello, welcome! This'll be a blog full of disconnected … Continue reading Renewal