Sailor Moon Miniaturely Tablet Set 5


Just like I warned, I sure forgot to post. It seems like I have lots of ideas then I just hit a wall where I can’t think of anything. Last week the mail brought me something to write about! This Sailor Moon Miniaturely Tablet set 5 includes her disguise pen, Crescent Moon Wand and….the next wand? I forgot the name. The Cutie Moon Rod! Unfortunately this set doesn’t include my personal favorite, the Spiral Heart Moon Rod. Obviously I really only know them by sight.


So let’s start with the Crescent Moon Rod. As you can see there’s some great details for a little toy version of Sailor Moon’s weapon. This one already has the Silver Crystal attached, so no need to worry about getting two! (unless there’s a non-crystal one released later, always possible) It’s an affordable compact alternative to the larger and fancier Moon Rods, such as the Proplica ones, although these don’t light up and make noises.

Like the earlier Tablet sets, these can carry small candies! On the Crescent Moon Rod you just twist the handle around and voila! Hidden compartment. I wouldn’t really recommend keeping candy in it though, I put the candy included with the rod in it and was afraid it was stuck closed forever. Keep candy in at your own risk.


Next up, the Cutie Moon Rod! Like the Crescent Moon Rod this has some great details for a small toy. I’m so happy with my purchase!

Same as before, you twist the handle and reveal a compartment to keep tiny things in.


Last up, the Disguise Pen! Can you make out the little moon detail in the band around the middle of the pen? There’s also a tiny gem in the pen arm, that you can’t see in this picture.


Unlike the rods, the pen just kinda pops open. There’s a way for it to lock down so it doesn’t just pop off all the time. This would be pretty great for little messages!

This is a great set! I’ve found all the Miniaturely Tablet sets I’ve bought to be great quality and these certainly don’t disappoint. I’d highly recommend purchasing them.

Side note: I bought these for my personal use/entertainment. I’m not paid to provide reviews.


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