Fingertip Dreamland Nox-Maru

I follow quite a few ball-jointed doll owners on instagram. One of them happened to post this picture of a super cute cyclops demon cat thing. Luckily, either in the description or comments was the name of the company, Fingertip Dreamland. I immediately took to the internet to search the name and see how I could buy one of these cats for my own.

Sadly there really wasn’t any way besides going through taobao and that is a process. Basically, it’s a chinese merchant site, sorta like amazon, but you need a chinese bank account to use it, so anyone outside of China uses some kind of proxy which of course nets you extra costs for that service. Plus I think the translated site listing was *pretty* expensive. I don’t recall the exact number, just that it was more than I had available.

In October of last year, I happened to do a facebook search for Fingertip Dreamland, to find that there was a preorder going for their current cats, and also a bunny, I think. I just knew I could figure out how to get one! …I ended up asking for one as a combined birthday/Christmas gift from my husband if need be, and it ended up being a Christmas gift. (That arrived in February I believe.) My husband was kinda mad that it ended up getting here so late, but I’ve been well acquainted with delays from doll and figure companies before and contented myself with the wait. It’s not the longest I’ve waited to get a doll. Once my kitty arrived, I was not disappointed!


Such a cute box! I especially liked that there was a sculpt-specific sticker on it. I really hope to get the other kitties from this company sometime.


The first glimpse of the kitty. There’s instructions that warn you the foam in the box padding could stain your doll, hence the extra padding. It begs the question why use that foam then? Is there a non-staining alternative? I am glad there’s extra protection for my litlte guy.


Free from the box! The arms, legs, tail and wings are all moveable. The stringing is pretty simple also, which is a relief. That means if I ship this guy off to be painted, or paint him myself I shouldn’t have too much trouble putting him back together. (I can take a picture of the stringing later, if anyone wants it.)


Close up of those teeth! There is such fine detail in these sharp looking little things. Not pictured are the extra string and the eye that my cat came with, which I put in right after I took these pictures. I then apparently forgot to take any more pictures.

Any Fingertip Dreamland fans/owners out there? Do you hope to get one sometime?


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