Fire Emblem Heroes

I’d been a stranger to the Fire Emblem games before I bought Awakening a couple years ago and I LOVED it! I’ve been a fan of tactical RPGs since high school though, so it was no real surprise that I really enjoyed Fire Emblem. Besides having a little army to build up and move around, the fact that you could build their interpersonal relationships really drew me in.

Of course, when I saw that a Fire Emblem game had been released for mobile I had to download it right away.

File Mar 23, 6 35 09 PM

I’m really enjoying Fire Emblem Heroes. I’ll warn you right away though, you get Heroes from a gacha-like system that of course you use in game currency for. The goal is to get Heroes with a five star gold rating. (They also sparkle) Since the game wants you to do those micro transactions the currency (orbs) get pretty hard to come by after the initial rush of download bonuses and map rewards. Luckily there’s been a good little slew of bonus orbs from various events, otherwise I would not have new heroes haha.

There’s also a progression where you can level a Hero into a five star gold hero, but you really have to grind for the in-game items for that level. I haven’t managed it yet, but I have quite a few up to being four star silvers which I think is pretty good.

File Mar 23, 7 13 05 PM

The gameplay is a compressed version of basic Fire Emblem gameplay (I’m guessing – I only played Awakening.) You can build a team of four heroes from four categories – Red (Swords, red magic), Blue (Spears, blue magic), Green (axes, green magic), and colorless (staff users, bows and thrown weapons). Each of the non-colorless types have a weakness to one type and a strength against the other type. There’s various maps to progress through, such as the beginning of the story, special hero maps, grand battle maps, paralogue maps and training maps. You can also compete against other users in the Arena.

So far it’s pretty fun. I really enjoy team/deck building type stuff so that’ll keep me engaged for a bit and the orbs have been coming along at a fast enough pace that I haven’t become bored/forgotten about trying to pull new heroes. (I need all my Awakening peeps!)

Do you play Fire Emblem Heroes? Let me know! Have you played any of the other Fire Emblem games? Which is your favorite?


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