Neko Atsume

I remember at some point in my childhood I decided that cats were my favorite animal. I didn’t tie myself down to just lions or tigers, or even just house cats, I liked ALL cats. To that end I studied my zoobook on cats endlessly and checked out all the cat related books in my school library. I think one of my earliest ambitions was to be a cat breeder.

So the cell phone game Kitty Collector, or Neko Atsume definitely appeals to me. You probably know the drill, you put out food, little cats come along and play with the stuff in your virtual yard and they leave you fish to buy more food and toys. If they visit/like you enough, they even leave you gifts.

File Mar 21, 8 28 33 PM

It’s a cute game, and hit me just right. The mechanics stay simple, there’s never any skill jump, and it doesn’t become more complicated the farther you go with it. It’s perfect to while away a couple moments at work and besides, there’s all these cute cats to see! You could understand my excitement when I started seeing hints of Neko Atsume merchandise online.

File Mar 21, 8 19 45 PM

Which leads to my current collection. Except for the large plush, which I purchased at Naka Kon, all the rest of these fine little kitties came from my local Barnes & Noble, in their toy section. I’m definitely hoping to find more blind boxes of the little diorama cats, they are cute, if especially tiny. My first go round I had picked up the Pepper (in the pot) because they’re my favorite kitty, and I picked up Billy the Kitten to possibly modify into a McCree cat. I tried to convince my husband to buy the cat with the bag on his head, but he wasn’t having it, so I gave him a home too haha. These little plushies are dangerously addictive and promise to be a drain on my wallet! Good thing I don’t go to Barnes & Noble all that often (for various reasons, all wallet related).


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