I missed having a blog sorta! I used to post at araknamedia dot com, but it seems that a squatter has picked it up. :/  I think this free wordpress will work for now, and I can figure out something else later if need be.

Anyway! Hello, welcome! This’ll be a blog full of disconnected ramblings and weird stories and whatever else I decide to try to write about. For instance, today’s topic is cosplay. I’m working on fixing up a costume I hurriedly finished a year (or two?) ago now, and on the side I’ve decided to mess around with a set of patterns for gloves and other accessories, from McCalls Yaya Han collection.

File Mar 20, 6 43 20 PM

It’s mostly something to do to fill time while I’m watching anime (I’ve been on a pretty good kick lately), and scratch the crafting itch since I have patterns and I have fabric I won’t be using on anything else, so why not figure out some of this stuff? So far I have one piece from this pattern cut out.

File Mar 20, 6 43 46 PM

It’s…goofy looking. I don’t have high hopes for it, but there is a guidance line to lengthen or shorten it as needed which is pretty handy, and I’m gonna wait to judge until I’ve sewn a glove with this pattern. Maybe it’ll end up looking a lot better on a hand.

In case you’re wondering, I generally don’t really know what I’m doing sewing-wise, so don’t take anything I say too seriously? I guess? I’ll try to be as helpful as I can.

I look forward to posting more progress on this little project later!








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