Sailor Moon Miniaturely Tablet Set 5

Just like I warned, I sure forgot to post. It seems like I have lots of ideas then I just hit a wall where I can't think of anything. Last week the mail brought me something to write about! This Sailor Moon Miniaturely Tablet set 5 includes her disguise pen, Crescent Moon Wand and....the next … Continue reading Sailor Moon Miniaturely Tablet Set 5


Fingertip Dreamland Nox-Maru

I follow quite a few ball-jointed doll owners on instagram. One of them happened to post this picture of a super cute cyclops demon cat thing. Luckily, either in the description or comments was the name of the company, Fingertip Dreamland. I immediately took to the internet to search the name and see how I … Continue reading Fingertip Dreamland Nox-Maru